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Consequently, in the first section, Benjamin is a narrator.

The plot is nonlinear and would make it tricky for viewers to observe the story. All events of Benjy’s everyday living are not chronically coherent and spontaneously blended. Servants who took care of disabled and mentally sick Benjamin had been various during the interval concerning 1898 and 1928, and this fact can help to put in buy some functions. T.

P was Benjy’s caretaker in his childhood, Versh in the course of his infancy, and Luster took care of him at the time when the story was instructed by the author, on April 7, 1928. As a result of all his life Benjamin was the disgrace to the family, and only people who sympathized with him ended up his sister Caddy and matriarchal black servant Dilsey (Faulkner). In the stream of consciousness style used by the writer, Benjamin deepens in memories and pulls out bad and excellent times from which the reader could recognize the purpose for this kind of a future.

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In the 2nd section of the novel, Quentin is telling the story Rsearch paper writing service in time and with a guarantee of the relatives from his issue of watch. Like the to start with component, this section is also nonlinear, and there is no chronology of activities. In addition, like Benjy Quentin is obsessed with his ishanaewiley’s Profile :: rpgmaker.net sister Caddy and most of his flashbacks are with regards to her.

He is a fantastic boy or girl, and moms and dads hope that he can graduate from a prestigious college like Harvard. Quentin is a naive puritan who still thinks in dignity and equality involving males and females. He struggles to confirm to his father that his ideas are critical for the potential of Caddy and will have to be adopted. Nevertheless, every thing crushes in the head of Quentin when Caddy stepped on the road of lust and got pregnant from a random lover.

Matters began to become weird. Quentin was so in like with his sister that he was even seriously considering about incest and adoption of Caddy’s newborn infant (Johnson). The tale of the character completed with the suicide as Quentin thought that it was the only way to clean absent sins he had produced through the life.


In the third part of “The Audio and the Fury,” Jason is the narrator. He is the last hope of the family members to stay rich and be even now acknowledged among the other people of Jefferson.

Like his other brothers, Jason is obsessed with Caddy as very well but in a completely different way. His cynicism and irony make him truly feel hatred in the direction of the sister and the relaxation of the females. All the rage is likely onto Caddy’s daughter Pass up Quentin (Johnson). Jason is the agent of a normal male of those periods who does not dare to acknowledge his failures, experience the issues, and stand his floor. Alternatively, he works by using Caddy to have accessibility to the money which she furnished for her daughter and steal them for their personal reward.

Just one day Miss Quentin get ample of that and runs absent with a carnival worker using uncle’s cost savings (stolen income) from the wardrobe (Faulkner). Jason is determined and mad. He attempted to accomplish success in his everyday living but ended up becoming a selfish coward who can not resolve any difficulty.


The fourth section of the novel differs from the preceding ones as there is no first-individual narrator, but is even now about a single character. The section is about a black lady Dilsey who experienced from inequality along with problems which emerged as the consequence of the dissolution of the Compson spouse and children. The only individual she cares about is Benjamin. She sympathizes with him owing to his psychological disabilities and mistreatment from the aspect of the family members.

Dilsey is a servant who had expended all her life studying behavior of Compson’s and hoping to guess their needs. She has sturdy beliefs and faith which help her to overcome troubles and survive in the modern society which despises and humiliates her each individual day at every hassle-free occasion (Faulkner).

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