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The tendency for this claim to be true is inversely proportional to the mental age of the speaker. This word is also used in the wider Internet culture as an insult to someone who attempts to be overly shocking or dark in an attempt to seem cool. These people may also be referred reddit glossary to as “Edgelords,” so as with Deus Vult, pay attention to context. The deep state is a conspiracy theory that there is a body of people who are secretly manipulating or controlling US government policy, and the President must serve their interests or else risk assassination.

Unsurprisingly, so-called “alt-tech” websites are often vastly inferior to their mainstream counterparts. — the opposite of those whom the alt-right use the term reddit glossary against, who would presumably be those who double down on identity politics and the like. The term has even been used by Hannity to describe mainstream media.

When Fren subs began to be banned by Reddit, “bopped” also became a common term to describe a post, user, or subreddit being banned. The phrase “autistic screeching” is used to mock people being offended by the alt-right and/or to ridicule autistic people. It is also associated with the text ‘REEEEEEE’, indicating a corresponding sound that a particular species of frog makes. The ADW opposes the Autism reddit glossary rights movement, identity politics, feminism, egalitarianism and social justice. Straw man arguments are common, such as claiming that neurodiversity advocates think autism is “fashionable” or that they think autism isn’t a disability . Autistic people who don’t hate themselves, or who dare to appreciate any of the positive aspects of being autistic, are unacceptable to members of the ADW.

It is usually brought up whenever somebody mentions slavery or colonialism in anything but an apologist tone. Basically, it’s the new way to claim non-racist whites are “race traitors”. Similar to “cuck”, soy boy is a pejorative term used by the alt-right to describe men on the left. It is also used as a homophobic dog-whistle to dehumanize LGBT men. It is based off the high phytoestrogen content in soy — phytoestrogens being plant-based chemicals that have a similar chemical structure to estrogen. While it may be obvious to anyone who didn’t completely fail high school biology, alt-righters don’t seem to understand that plants and humans are different.

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It serves as a convenient excuse for the alt-right as to why Trump can’t get anything done (e.g. It doesn’t matter, the deep state are stopping him at all costs and he needs to make sure they don’t take him out!). Like many alt-right expressions, the term can be used as covert anti-Semitism. The Day of the Rope is an alt-right fantasy taking place in the future, when “justice” will be served to those who took part in the attempted genocide of the white race. Typically, the fantasy involves a public hanging of everyone the alt-right perceives as enemies. A vicious Twitter hate campaign called “Day of the Brick” targeted Huffington Post reporter Luke O’Brien after he reported in 2018 about one particularly active Nazi on Twitter.

Such “facts” are supportive of any of racialism, anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial, ethno-nationalism, anti-diversity/multiculturalism/immigration, homophobia, transphobia, or Islamophobia views. The alt-right use “hatefacts” to present a narrative about the white world being “under attack”. A pejorative term that the alt-rightist Vox Day coined in his “sociosexual hierarchy”, as an intermediary between “alpha/beta males” and “omega males”. He meant a ‘gamma male’ to mean basically any activist pushing for social reform. To Vox and other alt-righters, pushing for social reform “proves” one is insecure and has an immoral jealousy of the leaders (“alphas”) in society. The word is therefore a way to label all social activists as “lesser than”.

What Is A Subreddit?

reddit glossary

On social media, the term “avatar” also refers to your profile picture—the image that represents you on the platform. Most individual users choose a photo as their social media avatar, sometimes supplemented by a digital frame or filter. For brands, the company logo is usually the best avatar choice. Recent tests by the Swiss Institute for Arms and Armour have shown that during the 15th century the use of steel, iron strengthened by the addition of carbon, was mastered by both Italian and German reddit glossary craftsmen. After the middle of the century most armour was made from steel rather than iron, making it more durable, resistant to rust, and more easily heat-treatable. Straps on armour were often finished with bronze caps that protected the end of the buckle and eased the arming process by providing a firm base that could be easily grasped. The other end of the strap was generally attached to the outside of the armour with a wide-headed rivet piened over on the inside of the armour.

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The Moon Man is the name given to a parody of McDonald’s commercial mascot Mac Tonight, who sings racist parodies of rap songs in a text-to-speech program. Fan art of Moon Man usually features the death of black people. Like Pepe, Moon reddit glossary Man was an innocuous internet joke for years before the alt-right existed. “Mass immigration” is a dysphemism for any immigration to “white” countries from “nonwhite” countries (except when they’re the honorary Aryans of East Asia).

  • Pridefall, often preceded by a hashtag symbol (#), was an alt-right campaign begun in June 2020, coinciding with that year’s Pride Month, aimed against LGBTQ+ social media users.
  • The Khazars were a Turkic tribe, who, per some legends, adopted Judaism.
  • This information could then be used for doxing or other targeted harassment.
  • The links, if clicked, could reveal the IP addresses of members of sexual minorities.
  • The degree to which the speaker genuinely cares about the genetic origins of modern Jewish people varies by religiosity, but even non-religious alt-righters will use it simply because they like belittling people.
  • In alt-right circles, shoahed or shoah’d essentially means “shut down”, and usually refers to the suspension of an alt-righter’s social media account.

Paddling Terms

Such accounts often use the Happy Merchant as their profile picture. That way, you can act like a fascist and still feel like you’re speaking truth to power. Pol (“politically incorrect”), or /pol/, is the name of two political discussion boards on 4chan (4chan#/pol/) and 8chan (8chan#/pol/), respectively. The boards’ stated purpose is “discussion of news, world events, political issues, and other related topics.” More accurately, /pol/ would be described as a cesspool of hate.

What Is Reddit Karma?

reddit glossary

Twitter eventually banned approximately 1,500 accounts in response to this disinformation campaign in late October 2018. Normie is a 4chan term originating on the /r9k/ board as a descriptor for people and things that are mainstream. In alt-right usage, it generally refers to anything external to the alt-right universe. For example, in requesting anonymity an alt-right member stated, “I have a ‘normie’ job and I don’t want to get punished for this .” The alt-right began to use it more and more widely, not solely in relation to African American people (“muh slavery”), such as “muh six million/gorillion” to mock Jewish people and the Holocaust. The term has spread to the non/less-racist right and can be seen as general partisan mocking, such as “muh Russia” to imply that the left is obsessed with “conspiracy theories” about Trump administration ties to Putin. That said, it has achieved sufficient currency that people without racist inclinations might use it for any general mocking, so again context matters.

A term invented by the equally alt-right/racist /pol/ of 4chan, It’s Okay to Be White is a propaganda campaign posted on various college and university campuses to get support from potential alt-right students. The purpose of this slogan is to provoke outrage in the reddit glossary hopes of proving society’s supposed anti-white agenda. According to the alt-right, “hatefacts” are “politically incorrect but true statements.” In essence, the term is used so that the alt-right can claim that those who deny their hateful claims are denying facts.

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